ZinParts: Replacement belts and other parts for broadcast, professional and vintage VTRs and VCRs

Zin! VTR Works has parts available for a number of common VCRs, such as these high-quality replacements for Sony 3/4″ Umatic recorders: A kit of all four belts seen below is only $43 plus quick shipping, INSURED! This one’s going to Canada! We’ve shipped kits to New Zealand, France, the UK, and quite a few

Refurbished Ampex VR-7800 with custom wooden top.

Going to extra-ordinary lengths…

In mid-December, Chief Marketing Officer Ted Langdell drove 400 miles from Northern California to Los Angeles to pick up equipment for Zinspection that an Eastern US customer bought at an auction when a film and video company closed. Among the five vintage video recorders was a late 1960s Ampex VR-7800 1″ VTR that Ken Zin

ZinFurbishing an Ampex AVR-2: What Ken found

Ken has been working on Ampex AVR-2 Serial #197, which began life as one of a pair of machines at KRBK-TV, Sacramento, California. Seen here at time of pickup, this third-generation Ampex Quad is in need of some TLC, which it is getting now. # 197 is undergoing a thorough ZinFurbishment. That’s designed to identify and correct

Rental: Sony VP-7040 PAL, SECAM, NTSC 4.43 Multi-standard 3/4″ Umatic Player

Ken just advised that this Multi-standard Sony VP-7040 is Zinfurbished and ready to roll your PAL, SECAM and NTSC 4.43 tapes. It’s been: Cleaned New belts installed Tape Path Lubricated Cassette Loader Lubricated Reel Tables shimmed to correct height (Supports cassette reels in correct position, so no squwaking in FF or REW.) Video head is like

Zinfurbishing an Ampex AVR-3–An ongoing saga

Principal Engineer Ken Zin has been Zinfurbishing this Ampex AVR-3 in recent weeks. When first powered up, mechanical and electronic problems prevented the machine from operating properly. Over time, Ken’s identified problems with power supplies, connections, small electronic parts, and the mechanical assemblies that are critical to safe and smooth operation. Ken attributes many of the problems he has been

IVC 1-Inch Spoken, Zinfurbished, Rented and Sold Here!

This IVC-820-C and other IVC 1-Inch VTRs are available for rental or sale. Zin! VTR Works has IVC 870 editors, IVC 825A, IVC 820-C NTSC, IVC XV-815 Wideband 1021/1049 Line 60Hz and IVC 816X Wideband 50Hz units available for Zinfurbishing, Rental and Sale. Some of these machines were used at IVC for testing and creation

ZinFurbished™ Sony VO-9850 3/4″ Umatic VCRs for Archival use

We’ve put the ZING! back into this  VO-9850 3/4″ Umatic VCR         We start with a high serial number machine. That means it’s newer, generally has less use and has the prospect of longer life. Then we ZinFurbish™ it to meet or exceed factory performance specifications. The machine was completely inspected before work

Panasonic AG-W3 “World VHS VCR”: Two available for Rent or Sale

This VCR can convert the signal on tapes made using one television standard to another… and can convert one television standard to another. Available Standards include: NTSC NTSC 4.33 PAL PAL-M PAL-N SECAM MESECAM (Middle East SECAM)   Click on these links for technical details: Panasonic AG-W3 Information Sheet Panasonic AG-W3 Manual  Contact us for Rental