ZinFurbished™ Sony VO-9850 3/4″ Umatic VCRs for Archival use

We’ve put the ZING! back into this

 VO-9850 3/4″ Umatic VCR

ZinFurbished Sony VO-9850 VCR-DSC_1592
ZinFurbished Sony VO-9850 VCR

       INFO-SONY VO-9850-Ser-73954

And we just shipped an Ultra-ZinFurbished VO-9850P PAL deck with NEW Upper Drum to an archive in New Zealand that needs to play Low Band PAL, High Band PAL and SP PAL Tapes!

This VO-9850P PAL unit had our new S-Video YC output option that we can include on any VO-9850 deck we ZinFurbish!

We have several VO-9850 NTSC units wrapped and ready to ship now.  With existing or replacement New or refurbished Upper Drums and 180 day limited warranty.

What make the value meet the price?

We start with a high serial number machine. That means it’s newer, generally has less use and has the prospect of longer life. Then we ZinFurbish™ it to meet or exceed factory performance specifications.

Zinfurbished- for improved electronic and mechanical performance that supports higher quality videotape archiving
for improved electronic and mechanical performance that supports higher quality videotape archiving

The machine was completely inspected before work started

Signal system capacitors were changed to tantalum capacitors:

  •  Longer life
  • Cleaner color
  • Better picture and sound

Drum and capstan motors capacitors changed:

  • Longer life, less chance of repair needed soon

Rubber parts replaced to fix problems or keep them from happening:

  • New pinch roller assembly installed and adjusted
    • Helps prevent tape sliding and damage
  • New Fast Forward/Rewind idler drive wheel:
    • Better tape handling, quieter
  • New belts:
    • Fast fwd/rewind, cassette elevator, and threading ring
      • Assures correct operation
      • Lessens damage potential
      • Less chance of early replacement needed

Cassette elevator inspected, lubricated and adjusted

Reel Spindles lubricated and adjusted for proper height:

  • Level spindles reduces risk of damage to tape edges
  • More stable playback: reels inside cassette don’t rub on cassette
  • Quieter in wind mode!  Less chance of “nails on chalkboard” and possible damage to tape

New cushions for control panel push buttons so they don’t stick in “pushed” mode, causing operation errors

ZinFan assembly for Sony VO-9800 series Umatic VCRs

ZinFan™ assembly added for cooling, especially needed in racked operation where there’s little or no vertical space for air circulation.

  • Longer life for components
  • Longer time between major maintenance
  • Lower long-term operating cost
  • Less Downtime
  • More productivity

Power supply ripple measured:  Evidence of clean power, good capacitors filtering AC, reliable operation, stable performance:

  • +12 volts signal system:17 mv rms
  • +12 volts system:    3 mv rms
  • +7 volts logic: 20.5 mv rms


  • Sony BKU-704 SMPTE Time Code Reader

Sony VO-9850 Ser. 73954 

 Available for immediate sale: $5,400 with existing upper drum, $6,400 with replacement refurbished or new (old stock) upper drum

Additional machines available.

Contact Ted Langdell for details

(530) 301-2931     ted@ZinVTRWorks.com