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Rental: Sony VP-7040 PAL, SECAM, NTSC 4.43 Multi-standard 3/4″ Umatic Player

Ken just advised that this Multi-standard Sony VP-7040 is Zinfurbished and ready to roll your PAL, SECAM and NTSC 4.43 tapes.

Sony VP-7040 020

It’s been:

  • Cleaned
  • New belts installed
  • Tape Path Lubricated
  • Cassette Loader Lubricated
  • Reel Tables shimmed to correct height
    • (Supports cassette reels in correct position, so no squwaking in FF or REW.)
  • Video head is like new! 
  • Updated signal system by replacing older style capacitors with New style
    • (Now very quiet signal and produces small vector dots)
    • Longer time before repairs
  • Quiet operation
  • Reliable

Old style capacitors replaced with new for better, quieter signal performance:

Sony VP-7040 014-CroppedSony VP-7040 023-Cropped

Playback of tape: NTSC 4.43 format:

Sony VP-7040 017

Closer look at the scopes:  NTSC 4.43 displayed on PAL 1781 R (to work with 4.43 chroma subcarrier.)

Sony VP-7040 027

Note the small size of the dots. That’s one benefit of the time consuming capacitor change.

(Vector scale turned down to avoid confusion with PAL dot boxes. Also, NTSC 4.43 has no setup.)

NTSC 4.43 picture displayed on multi-standard monitor:

Sony VP-7040 032-Cropped

New flutter idler and air damper for better tape performance:

Sony VP-7040 022

Panasonic AG-W3 “World VHS VCR”: Two available for Rent or Sale

Panasonic AG-W3 World VCR at
Panasonic AG-W3 World VCR at

This VCR can convert the signal on tapes made using one television standard to another… and can convert one television standard to another.

Available Standards include:

  • NTSC
  • NTSC 4.33
  • PAL
  • PAL-M
  • PAL-N
  • MESECAM (Middle East SECAM)
Panasonic AG-W3 World VCR-Input Standard selection panel
Panasonic AG-W3 World VCR-Input Standard selection panel
Panasonic AG-W3 World VCR-Center Panel


Panasonic AG-W3 World VCR-Output Selection Panel
Panasonic AG-W3 World VCR-Output Selection Panel
Playback to SECAM
Playback to SECAM
NTSC Playback to NTSC 4.33
NTSC Playback to NTSC 4.33
NTSC Playback to PAL
NTSC Playback to PAL
Click on these links for technical details:

Panasonic AG-W3 Information Sheet

Panasonic AG-W3 Manual

 Contact us for Rental or Sale pricing.

Please include your name, City, State/Province, Country, Daytime Phone and E-mail address.


Zin! VTR Works Zinspected machines are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, lubricated, tested for proper operation, essential wearing parts replaced as needed.

ZinFurbished machines may have additional parts replaced such as capacitors, bearings, belts, and additional adjustment made using Rohde and Schwarz analyzers to create a premium, Archival Quality VCR with the expectation of longer life, better results and less fussing over time.